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How to Replace a Lost or Stolen Car Title in South Carolina

If you have misplaced or lost a car title in South Carolina or if your car title is damaged or destroyed, you must obtain a replacement. To do so, you must contact the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV), which administers replacement titles. A vehicle that is missing a car title cannot be sold or bought in the state, since there would be no document verifying the transfer of ownership over the vehicle. Therefore, if someone wants to either buy or sell a car that is missing its title, she or he must request a replacement through the SCDMV.

If you need to replace yourDMV lost title in South Carolina, you can purchase a duplicate online, by mail or inperson at any SCDMV office. To do so, you will need to obtain the necessary application forms and pay the replacement fee. Any vehicle owner or lien holder can apply for a replacement car title online, but if there is a lien on your car, your replacement will be sent to the lien holder rather than to you. Read on to learn more about the title replacement procedures in South Carolina.

Necessary Information for a Replacement

For motorists to obtain a DMV title replacement in South Carolina, they must:

  1. Complete and sign the application for a duplicate title.
  2. Present an acceptable form of identity.
  3. Pay any necessary replacement fees.

Drivers will also need to provide the odometer mileage reading for the vehicle and any current lien information on the vehicle.

How to Replace a Car Title Online in South Carolina

If you need to file for a lost titlein South Carolina, the online method will be the quickest method, since the order will be processed more quickly, making it more convenient for you. You will also be informed as you goif any vital information is missing or incorrect on your application.

If you are the vehicle owner wishing to get a copy of a car title in SC, questions that you will need to answer will include:

  • Whether you are the lien holder or vehicle owner.
  • Whether the vehicle owner is a business or an individual.
  • Your Social Security Number(SSN).
  • The vehicle identification number (VIN).

If you are a business applying for a duplicate car title in South Carolina, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Customer number.
  • Vehicle number.
  • ZIP code of businesses’ physical address.
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN).

Once all of the information is filled out to replace your lost vehicle title, you will need to pay the replacement fee. You can do so online with a credit card. Once your order is processed, you will receive a confirmation email.

How to Replace a Car Title in Person in South Carolina

If you need to replace a lost car title in SC, the fastest way to have your application processed is online, unless you need an immediate replacement. If you need to expedite a replacement title for any reason, you can only do so in person at your local SCDMV branch office. It is important to note that you will be charged an expedite fee if you choose this option.

If you prefer to get aDMV title replacementin person, you will need to visit a local SCDMV branch office. Most SCDMV offices are open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Office hours vary on holidays and weekends. Since SCDMV locations have different office hours, it is best that you contact your local branch directly before traveling there. That way, you know for sure the office is open.

How to Replace a Car Title by Mail in South Carolina

The last option for obtaining a South Carolina car title replacement is also perhaps the slowest option. If you wish to get the necessary duplicate car title form to apply by mail, you are going to need to obtain a copy either in person or online. Once you have obtained an application to get a replacement car title in South Carolina, you will need to fill out the form thoroughly and accurately. Be sure to fill the form out carefully, as any mistakes may make it difficult or impossible for the application to be processed. Completing thecopy of car title request online will help you avoid this problem, as you will know whether or not you are providing the correct information as you go along.

After you have mailed in an application to place a lost car title in South Carolina, it may take weeks before your application is processed. If your application is missing information or payment, it may take even longer. Therefore, applying by mail should come as a last resort.

How will I get my SCMDV title replacementin SC?

You must make sure that the address that the SCDMV has on file is up to date. Otherwise, you risk having the SCDMV send your replacement car title to the wrong address, which could make ittake even longer for you to get your duplicate title. You can change your mailing address, either permanently or for a temporary amount of time, online through the SCDMV.

Who can pick upmy duplicate car title?

You are not the only person who can pick up your car title once it is ready. Someone other than you can pick up your South Carolina DMV title replacement, but you must permit the person to do so.If you are a company and you need to replace a car title, you can also have someone else pick it up for you. To do so, the person will need to complete the right form and pay the necessary fees.

If you are picking up a replacement car title for another person, you will also need to fill out the required registration form, which will be different, and pay the necessary fees.You must also be authorized by the title owner to pick up the document. No matter who picks up a car title, it is essential that she or he bringa driver’s license.