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How to Replace a Car Registration in South Carolina

Replacing lost car registration in South Carolina is one unfortunate task that some drivers may have to complete. It is crucial that motorists keep a copy of car registration documentation in their vehicle at all times. If drivers need to replace car registration, there are a few options available. Drivers may need duplicate car registration paperwork due to loss, theft, destruction of paperwork or information updates. In addition to replacing car registration, drivers may need to replace their vehicle title or license plate. Motorists must replace vehicle registration, certificate of title and license plates when necessary.

Why should drivers replace vehicle registration in South Carolina?

Residents should request a copy of South Carolina car registration as soon as possible as state statutes require car registration for all passenger vehicles. Replacing auto registration allows drivers to continue operating vehicles for the security and safety of all other drivers. Traffic stops by law enforcement require drivers to produce a DMV copy of registration documentation as one way to verify the identity of the driver and the legality of the vehicle. Driving without a copy of a car registration may result in fines from law enforcement.

Like replacing a DMV copy of car registration, drivers should replace their license plate and expiration decal as soon as possible after loss to prevent unnecessary traffic stops with law enforcement. After requesting a DMV registration copy due to name or address change, drivers may also wish to replace the certificate of title for car selling or transferring purposes.

What events make car registration replacement in South Carolina necessary?

Motorists may need to replace SC car registration for a variety of reasons and drivers should make sure to request a new copy whenever needed. Residents should replace vehicle registration documentation in the event of theft, lost, destroyed or damaged paperwork. Residents do not have to submit a police report when replacing car registration, but may choose to do so, especially if the registration loss is related to a case of license plate theft. Motorists must replace South Carolina carregistration after a name or address change to keep DMV records consistent and per South Carolina statutes.

How to Replace Vehicle Registration in South Carolina

Drivers may request DMV lost registration replacements in person, through the mail or online. Duplicate vehicle registration replacement for theft and loss have the same processes, but name or address changes follow different procedures.


South Carolina motorists may replace car registration online through the DMV portal. Lost auto registration due to theft, owner damage or owner misplacement follow the same online replacement procedures. Replacing car registration online requires drivers to input the vehicle’s license plate number and submit a registration replacement fee via debit or credit card. Customers will receive duplicate car registration documentation in the mail to the mailing address or residence on file with the DMV. This method of car registration replacement is ideal for drivers living outside South Carolina for an extended period of time.

By Mail

Some drivers may prefer to replace SC car registration through the mail. With this method, customers must complete a duplicate car registration application and send it to the South Carolina DMV P.O. box. Motorists should also submit duplicate car registration payment with the application via check or money order only. Drivers will receive the new copy of vehicle registration documentation in the mail to the address on file with the DMV. Like online replacement, the duplicate car registration request by mail is perfectly suited for out-of-state drivers.

In Person

Drivers replacing car registration may also stop by their local DMV for a replacement copy. Motorists must fill out a duplicate car registration application and pay the registration replacement fee to get their new registration. Residents should verify methods of payment with their local DMV office.

Name or Address Changes

Before requesting a new copy of car registration documentation, drivers must make sure to update their name or address if necessary. The DMV will send car registration replacement documentation to the address and name they have on file, so drivers must update the DMV with these changes. Motorists may submit an address change online, through mail or in person at a DMV office. Drivers must submit name changes in person at a local DMV office only. The DMV will automatically send duplicate car registration documentation through the mail once the driver inputs the updated information.

Title and License Plate Replacement

In addition to replacing a car registration, drivers may need to replace their certificate of title or license plate. Drivers may replace a license plate or certificate of title online, in person or by mail with the DMV office. Motorists should fill out the respective forms, provide the appropriate payment amount for either replacement and provide valid proof of identity when replacing the vehicle title.

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