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South Carolina Divorce Records

South Carolina divorce records are vital records that will be required for a number of reasons after a legal separation has occurred. Reasons for needing a divorce certificate may include the change of your legal name, updating your driver’s license or vehicle title and more. Knowing how to get divorce papers can be crucial if you have misplaced the original. Fortunately, there are a number of ways divorce documents, including right here. For more information about divorce records, including the use and how to obtain a copy of divorce decree, review the sections that have been provided below.

The Uses of Divorce Documents in South Carolina

Once you have your divorce records, there are a number of things that you might need them for. Having a copy of divorce papers can be a crucial part of:

  • Updating your name with the Social Security Administration.
  • Updating the name displayed on your South Carolina driver’s license or state identification card.
  • Updating your vehicle’s title and registration.
  • Making a change to a health or life insurance policy, including obtaining health insurance after a loss of coverage due to the divorce.

In some cases, you may even need to provide a divorce decree copy should you ever choose to remarry. Once you have received your original decree of divorce in SC, it is important that you keep it in a safe place. Should you ever lose it, however, there are a number of ways that you can obtain a new copy. For your added convenience, you can obtain divorce records online right here.

How to Get a Copy of a Divorce Decree in South Carolina

Since divorce records are used in so many situations, you may now be wondering, “How do I obtain my divorce papers?” and that is a good question. The answer actually depends on the court’s jurisdiction. Some courts will provide you with a certified copy of divorce decree immediately following your divorce where as others may mail you all of the paperwork once everything has been processed. Should you ever need a copy of your South Carolina divorce records, there are a number of ways that you can go about obtaining one, including the online divorce records that are available here.

How to Get a Copy of Divorce Papers in South Carolina: Certified Requirements

If you need to obtain certified divorce records in South Carolina, there are a few requirements that you must be able to meet. A certified copy of divorce decree can only be obtained if you are: one of the divorced parties, an adult child of the divorced parties, a current or former spouse of either divorced party, a legal representative of any of the above individuals.

While only these set individuals may obtain a certified copy of the divorce record, it is important to understand that both marriage and divorce records are a matter of public record, unless a request for a sealed record was granted. That means that just about anyone could find divorce records through a divorce search, though they would likely need to know certain details to get started. An SC divorce record search can display an abundance of information such as the following:

  • Your and ex-spouse’s legal names
  • Your marriage location
  • Your divorce location
  • The date of your divorce
  • The reason for your divorce

While public record divorce would come with a fine in order to obtain a non-certified copy of these records, the fact remains that they are still available. If you do not want anyone to be able to search divorce records in South Carolina for your divorce, the only way to prevent this is to request a sealed record during the divorce proceedings. It is then up to the judge to decide whether or not to grant the request for a sealed divorce, weighing in factors such as the protection of a child’s or a domestic violence victim’s identity and other sensitive information such as Social Security Numbers.

If your request is not approved by the judge, there is unfortunately no way to prevent your divorce from becoming a matter of public record.

How to Request a Replacement Copy of Divorce Certificate in South Carolina

When it comes to divorce records, there are a number of ways that you can obtain certified copies. For starters, you may be able to revisit the courthouse that issued your decree of divorce in SC, but if that method is not available to you then you can obtain one through the South Carolina Division of Vital Records or through a reputable third party. For a faster service, you can get a copy of your divorce record here.

If you are wondering how to find divorce records through the South Carolina Division of Vital Records, you can fortunately do so in a number of ways. All divorce documents request must be accompanied by a completed application form, a valid government, school, or employer issued photo ID copy and the appropriate fees.

Divorce records can be obtained by phone or online. You can also request a divorce certificate by mail but at a longer wait time. The expected wait time for mail-in applications is between two and four weeks. Lastly, you can visit the DHEC State Vital Records Office in Columbia, South Carolina and request divorce documents in person