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South Carolina Birth Certificates |

South Carolina Birth Certificates

South Carolina birth certificates have a lot of uses and are a vital record that you should always have. If you have lost your original birth certificate, then it is important that you understand how to replace it as soon as possible, so that you have the record when you need it. You can submit a birth certificate application in a number of ways, but for your convenience, you can also get a copy of your birth record here. Online applications are fast and easy to complete and submit for timely results. In the sections provided below, learn more about how to order birth certificate documents, the types available and why you might need them.

What a South Carolina Certified Birth Certificate Contains

The only type of birth record in South Carolina that is available is known as a computer-generated long form. A South Carolina certificate of birth is available to residents born in the state and born in another country, including on an abroad military base, but to American parents. In the latter scenario, you would have a birth record called a Consular Report of Birth Abroad, or CRBA.

Essentially, a United States birth certificate is proof of your U.S. citizenship. Birth records include the following personal information:

  • State file number
  • Your name
  • You date of birth
  • Your county of birth
  • The city of your birth
  • Your father’s name and place of birth, if listed on the original birth certificate
  • Your mother’s maiden name and place of birth
  • Date your birth record was filed
  • The date the certificate was issued

Lastly, you will not have a birth certificate issued if you are someone who was born abroad and then adopted by U.S. citizens. Instead, you will need to contact the nearest embassy or consulate for the country that you were born in. Keep in mind that if the document is not in English, you may need to request a translation.

What are South Carolina certificates of birth used for?

South Carolina vital records may be required in the following situations:

  • Applying for a U.S. passport
  • Applying for any government benefits
  • Enrolling in a school
  • Joining the military
  • Getting your drivers license
  • Changing your legal name
  • Obtaining a replacement Social Security card
  • Claiming a pension or insurance benefits
  • Applying for a job

Now that you understand the importance of a certificate of birth, you should familiarize yourself with application process, including the requirements. You can apply for a birth certificate online for a fast and easy submission process. Get a copy of your birth record here.

How to Obtain Birth Certificate in South Carolina

You can obtain birth certificates in South Carolina in many ways, including online, by phone, by mail and in person. Submitting a birth certificate form online is the easiest method you can choose. Simply fill out the birth certificate application with the requested information and complete the submission in minutes. You must provide payment for a standard search fee as well. You can get a copy of your SC birth record online here.

Requesting a copy of birth certificate documentation by phone is another easy option applicants often choose. Simply provide the same information as requested by the application and a form of payment for the search fee to complete the process. However, note that ordering a birth certificate in South Carolina over the phone is only an option for applicants who are requesting their own records, and not for those requesting the records of other registrants. The expected processing time when ordering records by phone is between five and seven business days.

You can also obtain your birth record by completing an application by mail. Fill out the birth certificate application and submit it with copies of your identification and nonrefundable fees to the following address:

DHEC Vital Records
2600 Bull Street
Columbia, SC 29201

Keep in mind that applications that do not contain a valid photo ID, such as a government-issued driver’s license or state identification card, school ID or an employer-issued ID, will not be accepted or processed, and your fees will not be refunded. Processing a birth certificate request by mail takes two to four weeks.

Visiting a Regional Vital Record Office may appeal to applicants in need of their certificates right away. Registrants who need to correct their birth certificates may also choose the in-person method. Residents must complete an SC birth certificate application, pay the appropriate fees and provide proof of identity with a valid photo ID when making an in-person request. However, to request birth certificates in person, applicants must visit their respective offices during business days and hours.

The methods to order a birth certificate are available for both citizens that were born in the United States and those who were born abroad to American parents, unless they were born abroad and their parents did not file for a CRBA. In this case, applicants can try contacting the military base or hospital where their births took place or the Public Affairs Office of the appropriate military branch.

Note: Birth certificates that are requested by mail or in person can be submitted by either the individual named on the birth record or by that individual’s parents or legal guardians.

Information Needed to Get Birth Certificates in South Carolina

When ordering an SC birth certificate, you will need to provide the registrant’s full name, date of birth and county of birth. You will also need to provide the mother’s full name prior to marriage and the father’s full name. To obtain birth certificate documentation, you must submit proof of your relationship to the registrant, as only parents, legal representatives and the registrants themselves can get such documentation.

How to Order a Replacement Birth Certificate in South Carolina

If you have lost your certificate of birth, then you may be wondering how you can obtain a birth certificate copy. Fortunately, a duplicate of birth certificate documentation can be provided in the same way that has been outlined above. In addition to the methods above, you can also obtain a copy of birth record here to save yourself both time and hassle.