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Scholarships Available in South Carolina

South Carolina high school students usually consider investing in a college education directly after high school, but obtaining the funding for college can be a daunting task. Federal financial aid programs, private student loans and grants can all be obtained to pay for college tuition. However, there is an option many aspiring college students tend to miss, and that is scholarships.

Scholarships come from individuals, organizations and education centers and are money set aside for students with potential or who show a need for financial aid. However, financial status does not always play into obtaining a scholarship, so most students are eligible for some sort of scholarship. Scholarships for certain professions, students with high academic achievement, and students participating in certain organizations are all available in South Carolina. Discover the scholarships available to South Carolina high school graduates and college students pursuing a graduate degree in the following.

Cancer for College South Carolina Scholarships

A few scholarships exist for South Carolina students who have survived cancer. The Cancer for College scholarship is available to any United States high school graduate who has had cancer and survived. The scholarship program has provided scholarships to students since 1993, and applicants are never discriminated against based on gender, religious beliefs or race. The scholarship provides anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 for recipients. A recipient of the scholarship must maintain a full-time enrollment as his or her university. Failure to maintain enrollment full-time or transfer from a four-year university to a community college can result in the loss of funds. In addition to the Carolinas Scholarship, the Ross Skelton Memorial Scholarship is available to students who wish to enter into the engineering field who are attending a college in South Carolina.

Harry Hampton Fund Scholarship in SC

To promote higher education in the natural resources of South Carolina, the Hampton Fund Board of Directors established a scholarship program in 1992. The scholarship awards $5,000 to a South Carolina resident student to attend a university or college in the state of South Carolina with a major in fisheries, wildlife, biology, forestry, marine science, zoology, environment science or another related field. The fund consists of $5,000 annually for up to four years in a row to help students further an education in the natural resources discipline.

The applicant has to be a South Carolina resident and attending a South Carolina higher education institution. In addition, the student must maintain a grade point average of 2.5 or higher for the academic year in order to receive the funds the following year. If the student’s grade falls lower than 2.5, the student will not be awarded the funds the following year.

South Carolina’s Gordon Hay Scholarship Fund

Gordon Hay was an organizational development professional, and the Gordon Hay Scholarship Fund was created in honor of his memory. Every year, the committee selects one Charlotte Region student of exceptional promise to receive a one-time award of $5,000. The recipient must be a student who plans to pursue a career in the performing arts field that is non-performing in nature. To demonstrate excellence, the student must prove community engagement, demonstrate technical or artistic accomplishment and have a record of scholarly achievement.

Palmetto Fellows Scholarship in South Carolina

This scholarship is an academic achievement based scholarship that was created in 198 to recognize the educationally gifted seniors and inspires these students to attend a South Carolina university. The program awards $6,700 to students in their freshman year and up to $7,500 to students who are in the sophomore, junior and senior years. Half the scholarship is awarded in the fall semester and the other half in the spring semester. The scholarship has to be directly applied to attendance fees. If the student remains eligible, he or she may receive the scholarship funding for up to eight full-time terms toward a bachelor’s degree at a four-year institution in South Carolina.

The Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Enhancement, created in 2007, was created in order to increase the amount of students majoring in science and mathematics in South Carolina. To be eligible for Enhancement, the student must pursue a major in one of the approved science or math programs. Students may receive up to $10,000 per year starting with the second year of college enrollment. This includes the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship and the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Enhancement funds combined. Students can receive the Enhancement fund for up to six full-time terms toward a bachelor’s degree at a four-year institution in South Carolina.

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