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Top Job Search Tools in South Carolina

Trying to find a job anywhere can be difficult if you do not have a strategy or a plan to do it. In South Carolina, the unemployment rate has hit an all-time low, but that does not mean everyone has a job. Employment job search tools, especially the state-maintained platforms, offer a wide variety of jobs and come with the added benefit of being safe and vetted. Job seekers who are looking to change jobs can use the state job boards to great success. Job boards are not the only ways to find a good job in SC. Many of the universities offer career counseling services, with many of the housing internal databases of alumni who are hiring. They can also advise you on how to update or optimize your resume so that it attracts maximum attention of the right variety. Face-to-face interviews with potential employers can be experienced through various job fairs and hiring events throughout the state. The following offers information for job seekers in South Carolina and how to best take advantage of the free tools the state offers its residents.

South Carolina University Career Centers

One of the first and easiest places to go to begin the job search is to your former university or college in SC. These university career centers have wide employment nets that allows them to help place current and former students into contact with employers looking for their skillset. You can also get help with interview skills, updating your resume and how to write a cover letter. South Carolina has a very high rate of placement within their university systems for graduates.

Hiring Events and Job Fairs in South Carolina

Meeting an employer face-to-face allows you to have a conversation and make an impression that submitting a digital application cannot. Finding good job fairs or hiring events can be difficult if you do not know where to look. Luckily, the state job boards as well as career centers will list current and upcoming job fairs. Many of these listings will also let you know which companies will be there so that you can tailor your resume and cover letter to that company’s goals and values. If you are not sure if you would like to attend one of these job fairs, you should keep in mind that the companies who attend there are looking to hire, and they are more likely to hire someone they have met as opposed to someone whose only impression has been a resume sent through email.

SCWorks Job Bank in South Carolina

Looking for a trustworthy employment platform? The SC Works platform is the state’s premier employment platform. The jobs are updated and kept current, but you can also access many additional, and free, resources. Some of those resources include growth potential for various industries, a listing of skills needed for other types of jobs you might be interested in and a way to evaluate your resume for optimization. This database is massive in that it pulls information from a dozen other state work centers.

South Carolina DEW (Department of Employment and Workforce) for Jobseekers

South Carolina maintains a separate database for job seekers, nicknamed DEW. This job board offers a lot of private sector employment and allows you to search based on the skills listed in your resume, degrees or certifications. Setting up an account with an uploaded resume is your first step. After this, it is a matter of doing the searching and reaching out to viable employers. You can also set up an alert with this system which will let you know if there is a new employment match. 

Government Job Boards in South Carolina

If you have never considered taking a government job, you might want to consider it. South Carolina’s largest employer is the government, both local, state and federal departments. As the largest employer, the number and types of jobs offered on the government job boards are vast.

Job Boards for South Carolina Teachers

Teachers in South Carolina have their own job board, which is sponsored by the state. It is called CERRA the Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention & Advancement. Setting up an account is free, and the job board lists open jobs, both for teachers and non-instructional staff, in all of the schools throughout the state. Many school districts utilize this job board for recruiting top talent. It also gives you a way to compare salaries across the state.

South Carolina Resume Building

It goes without saying that the resume is still the number one job search tool at your disposal. Today’s human resources departments are generally overwhelmed with the sheer volume of applicants for one position. To narrow down the applicants into only those resumes that are relevant, most HR offices utilize some sort of filtering software. This software scans submitted resumes for required skillsets, degrees or qualities that matter to the company. Most of these keywords have been included in the original job description. If you want your resume to make the cut, then you need to make sure that each resume you turn in has a good number of those keywords included. However, a word of caution, most of the software is advanced enough to see resumes that have gone overboard with the keywords and may automatically disqualify any resume that has “stuffed” the document with keywords.

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