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Traffic Tickets in South Carolina

Traffic citations in South Carolina are common penalties that many drivers may incur. Traffic violations result from a variety of offenses, including speeding or driving under the influence. Drivers who receive a traffic citation may try to dispute their ticket or simply pay the fine and appear in court, if necessary. Drivers should know how to fight traffic ticket charges and why they may or may not wish to fight the charges. Residents can find legal counsel for traffic convictions here. Motorists should also know the process for paying traffic tickets online in South Carolina if they choose not to contest the charges, along with other available methods of payment for county and municipal fines. Additionally, drivers should understand what actions may result in traffic fines or traffic tickets to best avoid those actions in the future. To learn more about SC traffic violation citations and how to pay or dispute them, keep reading.

Reasons for Receiving Traffic Citations in South Carolina

Drivers may receive a traffic ticket in South Carolina for a variety of violations, including reckless driving and speeding. Traffic violations are directly related to the South Carolina points system. The point system assigns each traffic violation in South Carolina a different value that is then added to a driver’s license when he or she disobeys traffic laws and is cited by law enforcement. If the driver accumulates too many points from traffic violations, then he or she will receive a warning from the DMV or a license suspension, depending on the number of points on the license. Motorists may attempt to reduce a traffic fine or penalty by taking driving courses or disputing the charge in court. Drivers can find traffic ticket legal help here.

How to Fight a Traffic Ticket in South Carolina

Motorists should understand the process for fighting traffic ticket charges if they wish to reduce or remove violations from their driving record. To fight traffic ticket charges, motorists may contact an attorney to contest the charges at the county court hearing. Traffic ticket defense lawyers may assist drivers cited for violations, including driving while intoxicated or disobeying a traffic signal. State drivers may also provide their own defense at the time of their court hearings. A motorist who wants to opt for the pay traffic ticket online choice or pay with the county court without disputing the charges may risk a loss of driving privileges or point accumulation on his or her license. Drivers who lose their South Carolina traffic violation hearings are subject to the fines and consequences of the SC traffic citation, in addition to any lawyer fees accumulated.

If the traffic ticket lists a mandatory court date, then drivers must attend the hearing regardless of their choice to dispute charges or accept the violation. Drivers without a mandatory traffic ticket hearing should contact the court for the violation dispute process, as municipal and county courts may have different steps for contesting violations. Find a traffic lawyer here to help with court hearings.

Paying Traffic Fines in South Carolina

To learn how to pay a speeding ticket or other types of traffic convictions, state drivers can explore their county or municipal courts for online, in person, by phone or by mail options. Traffic violation citations in South Carolina may come from county courts or municipal courts, so drivers must pay close attention to the court information presented on the physical ticket. To pay speeding ticket charges and other traffic charges, drivers must check with the appropriate court to see what payment options are available. Many municipal courts do not have an option to pay traffic tickets online, so it is crucial that drivers pay attention to the payment instructions on their citation.


To choose the pay speeding ticket online option or to pay other traffic convictions online, drivers may access the state government service page. Drivers should refer to their citation to choose the county or municipal court online payment option, if available. To continue paying traffic tickets online, input the ticket number and last name to select a case. Once the driver selects the correct violation, he or she may submit the payment. Traffic tickets can take a few business days to update in the county and municipal systems, so drivers should check back within the business week if they do not show up immediately. If the South Carolina traffic citation does not show up at all, then motorists should contact the county or municipal court as soon as possible to address the issue.

By Mail

Some municipal courts do not offer online payments, but instead customers may submit the payment by mail to the court. Drivers may call or check the court website for South Carolina traffic citation payment instructions. Traffic fine payment methods vary by court, so motorists should verify with the office before attempting to submit them.

In person

To pay traffic violation fines in person, drivers should first check if the court office accepts in-person payments, along with the accepted methods of payment. Drivers seeking to pay traffic fines in SC may check the court website for business hours and the court’s office location.

By Phone

Some courts offer South Carolina traffic fee payment over the phone. Therefore, drivers should verify the option is available with their municipal court office.

To instead dispute a charge, find a traffic court lawyer here