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Parking Tickets in South Carolina

South Carolina parking tickets are given to drivers who break traffic laws related to parking. Also called parking citations, tickets should be resolved as soon as possible to avoid the accumulation of extra fines or penalties. If you receive a citation, you have the option to pay parking tickets or contest them in court. Because each parking ticket adds points to your driver’s license, you may consider fighting your next ticket to prevent license suspensions for excessive points. To learn about parking citations and how to recognize parking convictions that result in tickets, review the sections below.

What are parking tickets in South Carolina?

Parking violations are usually classified as infractions, which means that minor traffic laws had been broken and only fines can be distributed. However, parking citations can become more serious depending on the offense. For instance, abled drivers parking in locations designated for handicapped residents is a misdemeanor.

The parking authority in SC, the Parking Services Office, creates and enforces all parking regulations and ensures that law enforcement officers collect fines when necessary. Each ticket lists important information regarding the parking laws that the driver had violated. Additionally, parking tickets may include the following information:

  • The total cost of the fine
  • When the fine is due
  • Contact information for the nearest courthouse
  • The cost of any late fees

The parking citation should also list any other required punishments other than fines. Drivers are encouraged to contact their courthouse with any other questions.

When are South Carolina parking tickets issued?

Parking tickets are issued immediately following an illegal parking act. Common South Carolina parking violations involve parking, purposefully or accidentally, in no-parking zones or on private property. However, parking citations are issued for various other parking faults like failing to maintain a parking meter for the duration of drivers’ absences. A list of other violations that receive fines and tickets in the state is provided below:

  • Parking in a handicapped space without authorization
  • Misusing handicapped placards
  • Parking in a space reserved for another driver
  • Parking a vehicle in a manner that blocks driveways or loading zones
  • Parking longer than the allotted time
  • Parking improperly
  • Double parking (i.e., when a vehicle occupies more than one parking space)

Drivers can always check their driving records for a detailed report on the parking citations they may have received.

What are the consequences of receiving a parking ticket in South Carolina?

Most often, parking tickets will only require payment for fines. However, other parking citation consequences may be more serious. For example, one of the following parking violations in SC may result in fines, towing or revocation of any parking privileges:

  • Parking in spaces outlined with yellow lines or curb
  • Parking more than one vehicle in a single space
  • Illegally parking in an assigned space

Five or more unpaid parking tickets may also cause vehicles to be booted or towed.

Parking ticket violations will increase the number of drivers license points drivers have as well. If drivers receive 12 or more points, their license will be suspended. Additionally, some drivers may face jail time for misusing handicapped placards. While parking violations may seem insignificant, the cost of illegal parking can be substantial.

How do you pay a parking ticket in South Carolina?

You may pay your parking ticket online, in person at your local courthouse or parking division, by mail or by phone. To pay parking tickets online, you must select your county, enter your ticket number and use a valid credit or debit card to complete the payment. For in-person payments, visit your local courthouse with your ticket and identification. You may also mail your SC parking ticket and payment method to the address printed on the back. Finally, you may call your local courthouse with your ticket information and payment ready.

Note: Some tickets may need to be paid using specific methods.

How can you contest a parking ticket in South Carolina?

The parking authority reserves tickets for two days following issuance to accept appeals. Requests to rescind South Carolina parking tickets must be made in writing within that two-day period to be considered. By contesting your ticket, however, you are claiming you are not guilty. To fight a parking ticket, you must appear in court at the date of your assigned hearing. The court date and time when drivers can dispute their tickets is printed on the back of the citation. You may contact the court to request a different court date. You are encouraged to bring supporting evidence and legal aid with you to your hearing.