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Child Support in South Carolina

South Carolina child support lawyers help to ensure needy families receive the financial support they need to care for their children. Child support enforcement regulations have been issued to encourage non-custodial parents (NCPs) to pay the required amounts owed each month. These regulations apply to families who have already determined parentage and have requested and obtained child support orders granting them payments. Child support services can also help families negotiate greater payments or to argue the need for medical assistance. Get child support legal services here. To learn about child support lawyers, you may review the following sections.

What is child support in South Carolina?

Child support is a mandatory payment made by the parent who typically does not reside in the home to the primary caregiver for their children. Child support lawyers help families receive the appropriate financial benefits up until children reach 18 years of age. Child support payments must be made by NCPs, and, if they discontinue payments, the South Carolina Child Support Services Division (CSSD) reserves the right to issue charges such as jail sentences and forced hearings. Additionally, the CSSD has the right to collect payments from noncompliant NCPs using the following methods:

  • By taking child support payments from their wages or unemployment benefits
  • By reporting them to credit reporting agencies
  • By revoking their occupational, professional or drivers licenses
  • By pursuing a federal prosecution

Child support services demand that NCPs continue making payments until they receive a dismissal order permitting them to cease payments. While SC child support enforcement operates within the state, it may establish out-of-state court orders if NCPs reside in other states. Therefore, families can receive payments regardless of the NCPs’ locations.

All child support payments are awarded directly to custodial parents (CPs). CPs may determine the best uses for the payments depending on their needs. To answer the question, “What does child support cover?” you can refer to the list of acceptable items and services that CPs may purchase using payments:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Rent, mortgage and other living expenses
  • School fees
  • Medical exams and prescriptions
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Entertainment costs (e.g., age-appropriate toys or internet and television access)

Child support payments may differ depending on families’ needs and NCPs’ wages along with the list of acceptable items and services. The child support order should outline the types of items and services the parents have agreed upon. Finding a knowledgeable child support attorney is an essential part of covering the costs of supporting a child. You can get child support legal services here that will help you increase your payments and cover additional expenses.

How do you get child support in South Carolina?

Some families may already receive federal child support services if they qualify for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. However, if you do not receive TANF child support, you must complete an application. Applications are available at child support offices, social services offices and county clerks court offices. You may also call CSSD to apply for payments. While many NCPs choose to pay child support without needing court orders, some families may need to request court orders to legally obligate them to make payments. To do so, you may follow the steps listed below:

  1. Contact the CSSD to schedule a hearing against the NCP.
  2. Attend the hearing and present your case with the assistance of child support lawyers.
  3. Wait for the verdict.

If the court rules that child support enforcement may require payments, then the exact amount and duration of the payments will be declared. It may take up to three months to receive child support orders. Find a suitable child support lawyer to represent you in court here.

The Importance of Having a Good Child Support Lawyer in South Carolina

Because child support attorneys are familiar with cases, they can better present your argument. Additionally, child support lawyers increase your chances of receiving payments. Not only can lawyers help win your case, but they can also negotiate higher payments and ensure that all issues regarding child support enforcement are resolved. While traditional lawyers charge a lot for services, child support lawyers’ fees through the CSSD will not be charged until after significant child support payments have been received. If you do not receive payments after utilizing legal services, you may not be charged as long as you do not already receive TANF benefits. All families having difficulties obtaining child support payments should hire lawyers to assist them. You may get child support legal services here.