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Recreational Vehicle Insurance in South Carolina

Recreational vehicle insurance in South Carolina is required before you can legally operate your mobile home within the state. Recreational vehicle coverage requirements are similar to that of auto insurance. It is important to understand what vehicles qualify for an RV insurance policy and the type of coverage options that are available to you. Get RV insurance rates here to get started. By comparing multiple RV insurance quotes, you can find the policy that best fits your needs and financial standing. As each policy offers different benefits and covers various aspects of your recreational vehicle, researching the types available can help protect what matters most to you. Learn more about RV insurance in South Carolina and why you should get it in the sections below.

What is RV insurance in South Carolina?

Recreational vehicle insurance quotes and rates are available for motorhomes, a type of RV that has living quarters permanently attached to the vehicle. Additionally, most recreational vehicle insurance companies will require that the following be permanently attached to your RV:

  • Bathroom
  • Cooking appliances, such as a stove
  • Refrigeration unit
  • Heating and/or air conditioning
  • A drinkable water supply system
  • A 110-125 volt electrical system

It is also important to note that RV insurance quotes are not available to non-motorized vehicles, such as travel trailers or campers, as this is an entirely different type of insurance with its own eligibility requirements. Compare different recreational vehicle insurance quotes to find the best rate for the coverage you need.

South Carolina RV Coverage Options and Requirements

Recreational vehicle insurance options and requirements in South Carolina are similar to those of auto insurance policies. Most recreational vehicle insurance quotes allow you to customize your RV insurance policy to fit your particular needs and provide you with a greater compensation should your vehicle be in an accident. To meet state minimum requirements, you need to obtain both liability and uninsured motorist insurance.

Liability insurance is the most common type of recreational vehicle insurance, as it is legally required in most states. Liability insurance pays for the damages or injuries that the other party received if you are found at fault for the accident. While you can customize your RV insurance policy to have higher limits, the state minimum for liability insurance is $25,000 for bodily injury or death per person, $50,000 total for bodily injury or death per accident and $25,000 for property damage.

Uninsured motorist insurance will pay for your damages or injuries if you are in an accident that was caused by a driver who does not have any auto insurance. South Carolina recreational vehicle coverage for uninsured motorists is the same as liability requirements.

While these are the only requirements for your RV insurance coverage, you may want to consider additional coverage that could provide further compensation to your own losses in the event of an accident. Additional coverage options include:

  • Comprehensive insurance – to help with the costs to your RV if it is damaged from most non-collision related incidents, including theft or fire.
  • Collision insurance – to help with the cost of RV repairs or replacement where the damage is a result of a collision, no matter who is at fault.
  • Roadside assistance – to help with getting back on the road if your RV suffers a mechanical issue or something as simple as a flat tire.

RV insurance policies with additional coverage may be required if you do not own your vehicle and it has a lien on it, resulting in higher insurance rates. Fortunately, you can still find affordable SC recreational vehicle insurance that fits your coverage needs and budget. Compare multiple recreational vehicle insurance quotes here.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance Rates in South Carolina

When looking at South Carolina recreational vehicle insurance options, it is important to know that rates can vary greatly. Therefore, it is crucial that you shop around to find the best rate for the coverage level that you are searching for. When it comes to recreational vehicle insurance rates in South Carolina, there are a lot of factors affecting cost, including the year and class of RV you are driving, your driving record status, your RV driving experience, how many miles you drive annually, if you are using your RV as a main source of residence, previous claims filed and the amount of coverage that you would like to buy.

Recreational vehicle insurance quotes and rates in SC may not reflect what you will be expected to pay. For the most accurate numbers, be sure to compare the recreational vehicle insurance quotes that are available to you. You can get RV insurance quotes here to get started.