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South Carolina Motorcycle Insurance

If you are seeking motorcycle insurance in South Carolina, then it is important that you understand the insurance requirements that are set by the state in order to avoid future penalties and fines. You may be wondering how much is motorcycle insurance, but fortunately you can save money by comparing motorcycle insurance rates here. You will also find the best motorcycle insurance policy for you when you compare quotes. With a South Carolina motorcycle insurance quote, you can see various policies, types of coverage and prices available in the state. Since motorcycles are defined as motor vehicles in the state of SC, they require a coverage policy to prove financial responsibility. To learn how to get motorcycle insurance and what it covers, read the following sections.

South Carolina Motorbike Insurance Requirements

It is important that you get motorcycle insurance in South Carolina that meets state minimum coverage requirements. When you view the details of motorcycle insurance quotes, you will want to ensure that they meet both the South Carolina liability and uninsured motorist coverage requirements. When it comes to insurance for motorcycle vehicles, liability insurance will pay for the damages and injuries to the other party if you cause an accident while uninsured motorist coverage will pay for your damages and medical costs if they cause the accident. Policies from motorcycle insurance companies must meet the following requirements:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury or death per person
  • $50,000 total for bodily injury or death per accident
  • $25,000 for property damages

The minimum motorcycle insurance uninsured motorist coverage includes the same stipulations as above. Keep in mind that these are only the minimums that the state requires. You may want to consider full coverage motorcycle insurance or even additional coverage that can cover the cost of your motorcycle repairs or injuries should you be found at fault for an accident. While higher limits and additional coverage will raise your motorcycle insurance cost, it can be well worth it in the event of an accident or other instances where extensive aid is needed for repairs. Note that a full coverage motorbike insurance policy may be required if you have a lender or lien for your vehicle. This is a combination of comprehensive and collision coverage on top of the South Carolina state minimum coverage requirements. It is still possible to find affordable motorcycle insurance in SC even with additional coverage. Finding an online motorcycle insurance quote can help you save money on such coverage. Compare motorcycle insurance quotes here.

Penalties for Failing to Obtain Insurance for a Motorcycle in South Carolina

It is vital that you obtain motorcycle insurance in South Carolina and maintain the minimum insurance requirements that have been set by the state if you drive such vehicles in the state. Failing to do so results in further penalties. You will need to provide proof of motorcycle insurance coverage in order to complete your registration in South Carolina. This is a common process in most states, however, the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV) will continue to monitor your coverage on the electronic data base. Motorcycle insurance companies in SC are legally required to report any cancellations or lapses in your insurance. Without valid insurance for your motorcycle, both your driver’s license and your motorcycle registration can be suspended. You will also need to pay a fee with an additional daily charge for each day you are not insured in order to have a reinstatement. If you choose to drive your motorcycle without motorcycle insurance and you are pulled over by a law enforcement officer, then you could face the following additional penalties:

  • Traffic citations
  • Possible imprisonment
  • Further suspensions
  • The requirement to maintain an SR-22 insurance policy

Researching motorcycle insurance online can help you avoid such consequences and find a policy that fits you best. To find cheap motorcycle insurance and avoid penalties, click here.

How to Get Motorcycle Insurance in South Carolina

Obtaining motorcycle insurance in South Carolina is a simple process. When considering your motorcycle insurance costs, make sure that the rates you are looking at meet the minimum requirements that have been set by the state of South Carolina and outlined above. There are plenty of affordable motorcycle insurance policies available for you to compare rates. With so many motorcycle insurance companies available, insurance becomes far more cost effective due to the competition between agencies. Remember, you can start comparing your online motorcycle insurance quote options right now and get motorcycle insurance quotes here.