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Health Insurance in South Carolina

Having health insurance in South Carolina is not only important for your well-being, but it has been made a mandatory requirement. The Affordable Care Act has made finding health insurance quotes even easier with the benefits of having medical insurance plans becoming more obtainable to residents. As a resident, you can compare health insurance quotes in order to find the level of coverage that’s right for you. In order to get started with a health insurance application, find the health insurance quotes available near you.

The Benefits of Health Insurance Enrollment in South Carolina

Health insurance benefits have never been easier to obtain. There was a period of time when obtaining affordable health insurance did not seem possible, or that you sacrificed coverage in exchange for a lower cost. In 2014 the federal government rolled out the Affordable Care Act as a way to ensure that more Americans had access to medical insurance plans and that they could obtain health care, even with a preexisting condition. This also required most businesses to provide health insurance for their employees, encouraging health insurance enrollment by providing greater access. Now, it is easy to find health insurance quotes available near you. The benefits of having a health insurance policy speaks for itself. You’ll be able to receive health care from a wide selection of providers when you need it, and at a lower cost to you. The Affordable Care Act also brought about the health insurance marketplace, which can even notify you of Medicare or Medicaid eligibility that you may not have been aware of, making health insurance in SC even more affordable. Get a health insurance quote here in order to compare health insurance quotes that are available in your area.

Medical Insurance Plans Requirements & Penalties in South Carolina

Perhaps the most obvious drawback of not having health insurance is that you may not be able to receive affordable health care when you need it. Medical bills can quickly add up, especially in the event of an ER visit or life-threatening condition. Whereas having affordable health insurance in South Carolina can often aid you in obtaining prescriptions that you need throughout your day-to-day life. The lack of medical insurance plans means that those prescriptions would need to be paid completely out of pocket. That can be one of the most compelling reasons to compare health insurance quotes if you do not currently have any form of coverage. Not only does the lack of a medical insurance plan mean that you will not have access to affordable health care, but you also will be financially penalized.

When the Affordable Care Act was put into place in 2014, with it came a financial penalty to any individual who fails to maintain South Carolina health insurance coverage throughout the entire year. If you did not complete health insurance enrollment, or if there was a lapse in your coverage, you will receive a fee come tax season that will be deducted from your tax refund or charged directly to you.

How to Find Affordable Health Insurance in South Carolina

If you are searching for health insurance, you need not look any further. You can get a health insurance quote here in order to compare health insurance quotes and find the medical insurance plans in SC that best suit your needs for both your health and financial budget. Once you have found the medical insurance plan that suits you, fill out the health insurance application in order to get started on your coverage. It is important to keep in mind that open enrollment period, the period where you must choose your health insurance policy, from November 1 st through December 15 th, unless you qualify for a special enrollment period. You may qualify for a special enrollment period if you have experienced one of the following life changing events within the last 60 days:

  • You got married
  • You had a baby, adopted a child, or you placed a child within foster care
  • You were divorced or legally separated, and through that separation, lost health insurance coverage
  • Someone on your current health insurance plan has passed away
  • You have moved

You have lost your previous medical insurance plan for any reason, including the loss of a job and loss of Medicaid or Medicare due to a change in eligibility.