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How to Perform a Driver License Name Change in South Carolina

A drivers license name change in South Carolina is an action that drivers may need to perform to maintain their credentials. Residents must submit a DMV name change to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Changing name on drivers license documents is critical for record keeping. A name change on drivers license details helps motorists prove their identities for additional activities. Drivers who disregard DMV name change requirements may face increased difficulty when applying for benefits or dealing with law enforcement. Learn how to do a driver’s license name change in SC in the following.

Change Name with Social Security Administration in South Carolina

Before motorists can perform a change of name on driving license documents, they must first inform the Social Security Administration (SSA) of the change. When drivers change name on driving license credentials, the DMV verifies the new name with the SSA, making this step of the utmost importance for South Carolina residents. Before submitting a driver license name change form, motorists should apply for a new Social Security card by mail or in person at the local SSA office in their area. Applicants must fill out a Social Security card application, provide proof of identity and show the documents approving the driver name change. The applicant’s current drivers license serves as one form for proof of identity and a document like a marriage license or court order provides proof of name change. Applicants may continue changing names on drivers licenses in South Carolina once their Social Security requests are approved.

How to Change Name on Drivers License in South Carolina

To apply for an SC driving license name change, motorists must first change their name with the SSA and gather the appropriate documentation indicating the name update. South Carolina residents must submit DMV name changes in person to their local DMV office or by mail to the DMV P.O. box. A change of name on drivers license credentials requires residents to complete a form that allows drivers to update their name along with their address, if necessary. Along with the DMV name change form, motorists must also complete a new drivers license application to replace their current license and provide payment for the license replacement fee. To complete the drivers license name change process, applicants must also bring in or mail in proof of their name change such as a marriage license or the court-ordered name change. Drivers submitting a South Carolina drivers license name change should verify costs and accepted methods of payment for mail-in or in-person options with their local DMV office.

Note: The South Carolina DMV does not accept drivers license name changes submitted online. Applicants must submit all required DMV name change documentation in person or by mailwithin 10 days of the official name update.

Why Changing Your Name on Driving Licensein South Carolina is Important

A South Carolina DMV name change is a task that many residents may not need to perform in their lifetime. For those residents who do decide on a legal name change, a South Carolina driver license name change is an essential step in this process. Drivers must submit a DMV name change no more than 10 days after the name change approval along with a license replacement request. If drivers do not submit their driver license name changes they may have difficulty proving their identity for a variety of daily tasks.


Neglecting to change a name on driving license documentation may lead to unnecessary confusion and delays with important tasks or daily responsibilities. A drivers license name change is a critical update as drivers licenses typically serve as a primary form of identification for many South Carolina residents. Motorists should change their name on driving license cards to prove their identity in scenarios such as credit card purchases in stores or at a traffic stop with law enforcement. Motorists who do not request a DMV name change but wish to apply for government benefits may have difficulty submitting requests if their physical card or DMV information does not match the federal government records at the SSA. Applying for a change of name on drivers license credentials guarantees South Carolina residents will not have difficulty proving their identity for new employment and/or at their bank if necessary.

Who should change name on drivers license in South Carolina?

Drivers who apply for a South Carolina driving license name change do so because of marriage, divorce or a court order. Motorists may apply for a DMV name change after approval from a court-ordered name change. Divorced individuals seeking to change a name on driving license credentials by reverting to their pre-marriage name may do so by order of a South Carolina judge in the divorce decree or a court order if the name change is not included in the decree. A married spouse seeking a name change must also apply for a drivers license name change in South Carolina immediately after the marriage and present the marriage license. A married person may change his or her name later, but he or she must follow the steps to petition for a court-ordered name change.